I take pride in providing personal attention and a single point of contact on all projects no matter the size. Keeping things small has allowed me to remain personally connected with both my clients and the work I do for them.

With a solid background in graphic design and web development, I'm able to bring a creative eye to interactive projects that most developers can't match. My design experience includes a BFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University as well as 25+ years at various agencies, web companies and start-ups. Over those years I have completed projects for many recognizable clients including: Adobe, Hershey's, Hyatt Hotels, Frito Lay, Mary Kay, NFL, AT&T, UCR, SRS Realty and Sony Pictures

My Process



During the this stage, I spend time getting to know you and your business or organization. I may ask you to provide copies of your current marketing materials and most likely I will be asking a lot of questions. I also assess your overall business strategy, marketing objectives, target audience, competition, project and design preferences, ideas, and more.



After I have gathered the information, goals, and objectives needed for the project, I generate a proposal to address your requirements. My proposal includes an overall project description, the project timeline, a list of deliverables and an estimate of the total project cost. If you’re happy with it, we commit to working together.



Once the proposal is accepted, I begin to conceptualize the design and to develop the overall structure for the project. During this stage, I may submit to you for your feedback & approval: Wire-Frames, Design Concepts and Mock-up(s). We will ensure that the overall design suits the functionality required for the project.



After your approval of the design concept and overall project structure, I begin to build your website. The production phase is often the longest phase of the project. I build out all pages and propagate with content and graphics, I code and develop all technical requirements (database, contact forms, drop down menus, content management integration, etc). Once the site has been built it will be tested to ensure cross-browser compatibility. We then turn it over to you to review. Revisions, if needed, are made to the project based on the feedback.



Once we receive your final approval, your site is ready to "go live"! Depending on the type of project, I may: upload your web files to your live web server & submit the site to search engines (web projects) or submit to you the final files in printer ready format (print projects).

Our clients count on us for exceptional quality work, on time and on budget. For more than eight years, Rich Media Labs has helped us deliver on that promise. We know that every project will be approached with responsiveness, professionalism and attention to detail. Rich offers a blend of creativity and technical expertise that is rare in our industry.

Talana Morris // MPD Ventures

Rich Harpel Founder/Owner

  • BFA in Graphic Design, Louisiana State University
  • 18+ Years Experience
  • Skilled Creative Designer and Web Developer
  • Past Clients Include:
    Adobe, Hershey's, Hyatt Hotels, Frito Lay, Mary Kay, NFL, AT&T, UCR, SRS Realty and Sony Pictures